2018 Pinewood Derby Results!

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Hello Pack!

Thanks one last time for all of the support
on another excellent Pack event. The
results for rank, time, & car numbers for
our 2018 Derby are on the links below!

Enjoy your day!

Things to keep an eye out for!

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Upcoming Events!

  •  PWD Workshop: January 28th 1-5pm,The McAvoy's home
  • Scout Sunday: February 4th, For those who attend St. Mary Magdalene Church
  • Scouting for Food Pickup: February 10th. Flyer sheet is below or under the documents tab
  • Pack Pinewood Derby: February 17th


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Hello Pack!

A few reminders, first is that we have our den meetings this Tuesday. Room
designations are on the Contacts page. The next Bike-N-Hike is scheduled for
this Sunday, the 24th @ 4pm. Sign up HERE for the bike ride before hand,
please. Our annual popcorn drive starts this Saturday, September 23rd
@ 12:01 AM!! ;) Please click HERE for our Show-N-Sell sign ups and follow the
instructions! Here is a quick rundown of important dates regarding our sales.
Following that are the prizes that our pack & council is offering this year.

Important Dates:
Saturday, September 23                Popcorn sales begin!
Tuesday, October 24                     Our pack's last day to sell. All orders & money
                                                    needs to be turned in on or before today.

Council Prize Breakdown:
Sell one unit of popcorn                  2017 Occoneechee Participation Patch
Sell one unit online                         2017 Occoneechee Online Sales Patch
Receive Military donation                2017 Occoneechee Military Support Patch
Sell at least $700 in popcorn            2017 Occoneechee $700 Hammock Club Patch
                                                      AND a Hammock of your very own!
Fill up your 1st order form               2 free tix to watch Star Wars:Last Jedi at 1
                                                      of 3 pre-selected theaters on Saturday,
                                                      December 16th @ 10am. Submit completed
                                                      forms to our Popcorn Kernel-Stephen Moss.
                                                      Also fill out a theater form at the link below.
                                                      Popcorn Theater Selection Form

Each additional filled out form        1 free ticket to Star Wars:Last Jedi.
                                                      Supplies Are Limited for these tickets!!
                                                      Hurry & submit those forms!
Multiple Levels of sales                    Various gift cards. Select link below to view.
                                                      Gift Card Rewards

Pack 224 Prize Breakdown:
Sell one unit of popcorn                   Participation Pizza Party @ TBD date
IF $15,000 pack sales goal is met     Top 2 selling scouts from each den gets to
                                                      throw 1 pie in a leader of their choice face!
Top 3 sellers in our pack                  Gift card & miscellaneous prize

Good luck scouts, let's have a great sales year, & please reach out to the popcorn
kernel or cubmaster with any questions or concerns.


Den Meeting Classroom Assignments.

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Heellllllllo Pack!

The den meetings will be held in the following classes...

Lions Den 1-----------Room 201
Tigers Den 3----------Room 202
Tigers Den 7----------Room 204
Wolves Den 8---------Room 209
Bears Den 6-----------Room 205
Webelos I Den 5-----Room 206
Webelos II Den 4----Room 208

They will be in these rooms throughout the year
unless your den leader informs you otherwise.

Enjoy your day!

2017 Den Meetings!

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Welcome to our new scouting year! We will have our first den meetings on
Tuesday, September 5th. Please be on the lookout for classroom
assignments to be sent via email. The meetings should be in the rooms in
the building next to the activities building, unless your den leader informs
you otherwise. I will be talking to our new Lions for a little bit & then
making rounds to meet & greet all of our awesome scouts! Beware!

Robert Ato

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